Short 'n Not-So-Sweet

A friend told me this one recently:

I was out on a date with Sean.  He was way too into himself to be into me, and came across as overbearing when I think he was going for confidence:

"Once we're past the dating business and actually together," he'd say, "There's a whole list of things I want us to do."

After dinner, we took a short walk, which I directed back towards my car.  Once we made it there, I told him that I was tired and was probably going to go.

He leaned in to kiss me and I stepped away.  He tried again, and I stepped away once more.

He shouted, "Fuck you!" flipped me off, and stomped away.


  1. "Once we're past the dating business and actually together"

    So, once you're "together", the dating ends? Odd, my parents are in their forties and still go out on dates.

  2. Washed up and dried out oldies in their forties eh?

  3. Jared, darling, this one is a little too standard for my tastes.

    1. Guy is too into himself and not into his date.
    2. Guy jumps way ahead into the future and talks about what he's going to do with girl when they're "together." (At least he didn't talk about marriage!)
    3. Dude tries to make with the smooches, and when the girl resists (politely), he calls her names and storms off.


  4. I second Nikki, not that this was a good date, but it really didn't have enough story line to make for a good "bad date"

  5. I'll try to find more exciting friends.

  6. I find bus stop vagrants lead interesting lives.


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