Music Lessons

Story Submitted by Larry:

I was in college and met Stacy in my music program.  She was a singer, and I played a few instruments, so we'd meet up to practice together.  Late night practices became late night drinking and make-out sessions, and I felt as though we had something special.  She told me that she wasn't ready for sex, and I respected her boundaries.

Apparently, word of my music-playing spread, and a few other students, men and women, asked me if I'd practice with them.  I was there to study and perform, and I saw no problem with helping other people.  Regardless, my thoughts and heart were always with Stacy.

One evening, after I had helped Amanda, another young woman, with her singing, Stacy called to ask me if I'd meet her in a basement practice room.  Of course, I was up for it.  I brought my violin and met her there.

Once inside, she asked, "Where were you?  Off with some slut?"

I assured Stacy that she was the only one I was seeing.  She grabbed at my violin case but I held it tight.  "Let go!" she screamed, "I have to teach you a lesson!"

I ripped it away from her and made for the door.  I didn't know if she followed me out, but I made it back to my room without incident.

The next day, an apology e-mail arrived from her and she asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch or dinner.  I was busy at lunchtime, but dinner worked, and I told her so.  I guessed that she was planning to apologize for her previous night's behavior.

At dinner, though, we sat down and she said, "I'm ready to accept your apology.  For spending so much time with those other girls and for sleeping with them."

I said, "I'm helping them practice.  I'm not sleeping with anyone."

"You're such a fucking liar.  I heard that you fuck them."

"From who?"

"It doesn't matter."

I said, "Of course it does.  Are you going to believe me?  Or whoever you say told you these lies?"

She muttered, "I'll show you," and stormed off, right there.  I didn't follow her, which, looking back, might have been stupid.

The next morning, I received a phone call before my first class.  One of my friends told me that Stacy had posted hundreds of black-and-white flyers of me all over the classroom building accompanied by the words, "I'll fuck anybody!"

Thankfully, because I had a good amount of friends, they were all taken down by the time I had made it to class.  Somehow or other, everyone knew that Stacy had put them up, and it was pretty clear that she was going to be in some trouble.

She was placed on probation, sent me a few "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" texts, and I thought that the whole thing would blow over.  Of course, I had no intent to see her ever again.

Then, a night or two later, I caught her trying to break into my room while I was inside it.  I held the door against her (she had somehow managed to break off the doorknob), called campus security, and they arrived shortly thereafter to escort her away.

She was suspended for a semester, and as things turned out, I did end up sleeping with someone else who I met through the practice program.  What's sad is that if Stacy didn't behave the way she did, I wouldn't have slept with anyone else.


  1. Hey Violin Man,

    I think you slept with somebody else just to get Bach at her!

  2. It's just sad that you never got to put your Beeth in her Oven...

  3. I guess Stacy thought that he was just stringing her along while Chopin for another girl!


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