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E-mail Submitted by Lindy:

Hey good-lookin.

You might have spoken to guys n this site before but have you ever spoken to one whose been in not one but TWO ARMIES?  I've seen live combat and lived to tell the tale. 

But enough about me this is all about you now.  One thing I want: support: support of the head and support of the heart.  You will support my needs and desires and wants and I will support you supporting me completely.

I've been shot at and am alive.  If you want army records to back up my miracle then I have them.

I liked your profile and read it three times.  You're cute and I like the picture of you wearing the teddy bear shirt.  Do you have a better quality version of it to send me?  Whose arm is around you in that pic?

Thanks for reading.



  1. I fully admit I know little about the military, but isn't there only ONE army?

    1. Per country. What if he served in two countries' armies?

  2. You've never heard of America's Secret Military Army, code named SMARMY?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. He's counting the Colgate Cavity Patrol.

  5. "You will support my needs and desires and wants and I will support you supporting me completely." - *spit take*

    My friend Mike has served THREE tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's been shot at. He's shot people. He's run people over in tanks (due to necessity). He's seen horrors few people stateside can imagine. But he'd never be this much of a douche about it.


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