I Don't Think I'll Let You Do That

E-mail Submitted by Sarah:

youve taken your sweet ass time getting back to me!  I'm not the guy you can just ignore and i'll think to go away.  ONce you talk to me, your just caught ;).

I like what you said about Menace and Kings.  They are good but I like Revolver better than most.  Speaking of which, you have never fired a gun.  I think its a good way to relax.  Let me shoot you take to the range.  Dont worry if you have no gun they have them there!

If you dont like to have fun then dont worry i'll find someone who does! jk.


Sarah says, "I've never spoken to this guy before.  Either way, I probably wouldn't let him shoot me."


  1. But Sarah, getting shot would be a great experience!

  2. Shooting people IS a great way to relieve stress, Sarah!


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