He Won't Kill Me? What a Deal.

E-mail Submitted by Austin:

I think I met you once before at a party.  Is the name Jennifer Vigliani familiar to you (she's not me but it might have been her party)?  Small world, meeting you on here!  I'd love to meet and catch up!  And maybe you could help me, too.  I need a place to stay for a couple of days.

My boyfriend got angry when I spent a night over at a friend's house because my friend (a female) had a brother around my age.  Nothing happened between me and the brother (light kissing) and I'm thinking my boyfriend might do something stupid (not kill - don't worry) so I'm casting out a net to see if anyone will help me.

(Do you like gerbils?  I have one.  He's no trouble.)

I have a bit of money so you won't have to take care of me.  I can repay you (NOT WITH SEX) but we can cuddle and kiss.  I can repay you with money too if you'd prefer that.


I'm sure that nothing will happen (my bf blows his top all the time) but I kind of want to be with someone I know, but someone who he doesn't know or wouldn't suspect.  I'm pretty sure we met before and you seem like a nice guy.  If I made a mistake, then I apologize.


Austin says: "This message came to me over a dating site.  It's possible that I met this girl at a party like she says, but if I did I don't remember."


  1. She is literally whoring herself out for a place to stay. She might say no sex, but if kissing and cuddling aren't leading a guy on, I don't know what is.

    I'm completely with the boyfriend on this one, though I would have let her go a long time ago.

  2. "Nothing happened between me and the brother (light kissing)"

    Light kissing isn't exactly nothing, she must hav no morals whatsoever.

  3. ^ You said exactly what I was going to.

  4. Light kissing, light sex, light anal, it's all pretty harmless so I don't see what the boyfriend's issue is, talk about overreacting am I right.

    .. Seriously though what is wrong with this woman.

  5. Another "Howdy stranger! Can I crash at your place for a few days because [awkward/traumatic situation/no real reason]?" email.

  6. Its mostly just sad. If she really does have the money to pay him, why not get a hotel or an apartment? She seems like one of those people who can't do anything on their own...


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