Dog Date Afternoon

E-mail Submitted by Cleveland:

I study Karate too.  Which school?  Bet I could kick your ass!

You remind me of a student I used to have (Im a teacher too).  Do you like dogs?  I have two which is why I'm asking.  They are a huge part of my life and I'll have to teach you how to take care of them both.  They come with me on every vacation so if you don't like it get used to it, bucko! j/k. 

(Wait I was kidding about the bucko thing, not about the dogs.  They do come along with me on vacations, trips to the folks, etc.  They are seriously a big deal to me.  One is eight the other three, Julian and Augustus are their names.  Why not Julius?  Julius was murdered and if anyone tried to murder my dog I would murder them first probably but just to be safe I named him Julian.  No)

I can send you pictures of me with my dogs if you want to see more but there are already plenty on the profile.



  1. Also known as "I have no life aside from my dogs".

  2. "I study Karate too. Which school? Bet I could kick your ass!"

    It would have been awesome if the OP had shown this to this woman's sensei. My understanding is that reputable karateka would consider it *extremely* improper to say that sort of thing without provocation.


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