Precisely Like Horses, Yes

E-mail Submitted by Theresa:

You have nice smile.  I would love to have a girl like you smile like that at a guy like me.

We would have dinner at a top restaurant (we'd split the check to prove that you're independent woman) and I'd take you dancing (my treat!) and we'd work off those dinner pounds and then dessert and then maybe back to my place - I have an apartment in the city and it has a beautiful view.

A wine toast and candles and everything we need for a stunning night of nuclear passions.. like horses in the sacred fields of our ancestors in a thunderstorm.

I apologize if I'm going too fast.  I just saw your photo and smile and knew that I had to write you.  The smile in my posted photos are for you now.



  1. ". . . like horses in the sacred fields of our ancestors in a thunderstorm."


  2. Come on Baku-chan, everyone knows about the "horses in the sacred fields of our ancestors" right?


    I didn't get it either...

  3. Well, that "horses in the sacred fields of our ancestors" that has flummoxed dear Cheri and Baku-chan tells me that this email was written by Jim Morrison.

  4. Ridiculous imagery aside, anybody who suggests sex as a possibility on the first date probably won't ever get the chance.

  5. I agree, Mediator. And also, he wasn't even offering to pay for dinner. That will scare off dinner whores like me immediately. ;)


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