The Party Never Stops

Story Submitted by Karla:

Doug and I met at a party.  We were both a little tipsy, but not so much that we weren't able to keep up some semblance of intelligent conversation.

He was a little loud, but funny, and when he asked for my number, I gave it to him.

Around 1:30am, I felt tired and found one of my friends to let her know that I was going to leave.  She asked me for a ride, and I we walked out together.

Doug followed us out and asked, "Where are we going?"

I said, "I'm dropping my friend off at home, then I'm going to bed."

"The party doesn't have to be over," he said, "I thought we were having a nice time."

I said, "We are, but I'm kind of tired.  Call me, okay?"

He watched us leave.  We hadn't been in the car for a minute when he called.

"Hey.  What're you up to?" he asked.

"Driving my friend home, remember?" I said.

"When you're done, come pick me up.  We can still hang."

I said, "I don't think so, but call me this week and we'll set something up."

I hung up.  Before I made it to my friend's house, a text arrived from him: "Wat u doin?"

I ignored it, and dropped my friend off.  On my way home, he called again.  I picked up.  He said, "Hey.  You busy?"

I said, "I'm going home.  We can hang out this week."

He said, "You don't even have to come and pick me up.  I'll come to you.  Where do you live?"

"Good night, Doug."  I hung up on him.

Again, he texted, "Wat u doin?" and then, after I had walked in my door, he texted, "Someone here told me where u live.  Be there soon!"

Two of my roommates were still up, and I told them that there was a low chance that some weirdo would be stopping by to look for me.  They assured me that they wouldn't let him in.

He called again but I didn't answer and I put it on silent.  I went to bed.

The next day, when I woke up, I discovered that he had called me 51 times that night, but had only left three messages.  I listened to the first five seconds of the first one: "Hey Karla, it's Doug.  I was just wondering if you'd want to hang out tonight because I think that we should hang out and–"

I deleted each message and, to my surprise, didn't hear from him again after that.  I counted myself lucky.


  1. You were surprised you didn't hear from him again? Dude. He was clearly WAY more drunk than you thought he was.

  2. so, what are you doing tonight? We should hang!

  3. Tipsy/drop friend home, does this mean drunk driving?

  4. I'm guessing he then lost his cell phone, thus no more calls.

    Captia= socki

  5. Kiddala thank you I was thinking the same thing tipsy/drop friend home... were we the only ones that caught that?

  6. She might have sobered up by the time she drove her friend home, although driving while tired is also not a great idea.

    Sometimes though, a tipsy driver is better than a shit faced driver...not that I would know. *cough*


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