No Place for Mace in the Face

Story Submitted by Stephen:

During some of my introductory e-mails with Sylvia, I asked her how she had found online dating to be, as I was pretty new at it, myself.

She said that she had met some really unsavory guys but she "knew how to deal with them."  I asked her to elaborate, but she said, "You might be one, so I think I'll keep that quiet for now."

It was slightly unsettling, but I didn't let it get to me.  I had only met one other person from online, and it went well enough for us to become friends, so I didn't have a problem with setting something up with Sylvia.

At dinner, it was clear to me pretty quickly that Sylvia would also be better off as a friend than as anything more.  She was very self-absorbed and talked about her college (Bryn Mawr) non-stop.  She had graduated five years ago!

We made it back onto the topic of online dating and she again mentioned that she wasn't worried about skeevy guys anymore because she had "protection."

"So don't even try anything," she said.

I said, "Don't flatter yourself.  I won't."

She gave me a sneer and pulled a rape whistle, mace and a cutting knife from her purse and laid them on the table.

I was searching for the right words to say when she picked up the mace and held it mere inches from my face, right in the middle of the restaurant.

"Don't fuck with me," she said, "This is a warning."

I don't like being threatened, so I came up with a quick plan.  I made nice to her for the next few minutes, then excused myself to use the bathroom.

I left her there, went home, and blocked her on everything.  What kind of psycho points mace at someone in the middle of a restaurant for no reason?


  1. Maybe she'd been sexually assaulted and it made her very paranoid? Even if that was the case, I do think that her pointing the mace at you when you'd done nothing threatening was overkill.

  2. Agree with Baku on the assault possibility and it still not being a good excuse. And keeping all that in her purse doesn't guarantee it not happening since there's a good chance she wouldn't get to it in time.

  3. That's just sad. She shouldn't be online, if she can't quit pre-rejecting new guys before they have a chance to prove themselves.

  4. I always carry a nice sized folding knife with me. For various reasons. But when I told that to one date after he admitted he had scammed me to get me there and he just wanted to have sex with me, it turned him on! He wanted to see it. I showed it to him as I was backing out of his apartment.

    Mace after, not before. That's just proper etiquette.

  5. Wait. Did you leave her with the check? That's not cool. The least you could have done was found the waiter/waitress and paid your half. Yeah, get out of there, but be nice to the waitstaff.


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