Next Time, Friending Can Wait

Story Submitted by Wesley:

Carol and I had a good first date, although she wasn't very talkative.  Figuring she was shy, I told her that I wanted to see her again.

That night, she sent me a friend request and I accepted it.  At the time, I thought that there was no harm to it.  I looked through some of her photos, and she had several of herself with her friends, men and women.

Not long after, she sent me a message that said, "You have a lot of pictures of yourself with other girls."

I replied, "I have a lot of friends.  Is that a problem?"

She wrote back, "Not yet."


At the end of our second date, I kissed her in a park and she asked, "Are you going to take a photo of the two of us?"

I said, "I hadn't planned on it, but I can with my phone's camera."

She said, "It's just funny because you had pictures of yourself with other girls and you haven't even asked me if I wanted to take a picture yet.  So in order to get a picture with you, I have to do more than kiss you, I see, and therefore, I assume that you've done more than kiss them."

I asked her to repeat the statement, because I didn't follow it the first time around.  Then, I informed her that just because I had a photo of myself with somebody, it didn't mean anything more than the fact that we were friends.

She didn't believe me, and I asked her about the many pictures I had seen of herself with other guys.

"They're related.  They're my cousins," she said.

"All of them?  Every guy you've taken a picture with is related to you?"

"Yes.  And you can't prove me wrong."

I said, "Then all of the girls I've taken photos with are also my cousins."

She yelled, "You're a fucking liar!  Delete those photos or I'll make you suffer!"

"By doing what?  Continuing to date me?"

It was an unfortunate remark, because she swung her hand up to slap me.  I caught it and she wrenched herself away.

"Let go!" she yelled after I had already let her go.  "Rape!  Rape!"

I walked back to my car.  She followed me there, screaming and screaming.  I drove away and never made contact with her again.


  1. I hate these girls who think they can hit boys and then get all butthurt and scream "rape" when a guy actually makes a move to stop them.

  2. Baku-chan couldn't agree more with you. Girls like that make it so damn hard for those who have been raped and who have been in abusive relationships. WOW That girl is bat shit crazy and OP you did the right thing by just walking away from the situation.

    The fucked up part is these girls really think they do nothing wrong and think it is perfectly acceptable to act that way.

  3. She screamed, "Delete those photos or I'll make you suffer!"

    The flames that had burst to life deep within her eyes game me pause.

    I stepped back to collect myself; she advanced on my position.

    I fled to my vehicle, the harridan that had been my date squawking and shrieking as she began pursuit.

    As the door slammed shut behind me I felt relieved, however, expecting to feel her weight slam against the door at any moment I steeled myself to look back the way I'd come... but she was gone.

  4. I wish there was some sort of census to count the number of randomly jealous women in the world who pull stunts like this. Based solely on the random sample we have on this blog, it looks like 65% of the female population is batshit insane and wants all men to give up their female friends after he goes on the first date with said batshit insane female.

  5. You can trust 100% of the statistics on ABCotD to be 100% questionable.

  6. "By doing what? Continuing to date me?"

    The above made me smile.


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