Lake of Destiny

Story Submitted by Clayton:

Jody, a 23-year-old, and I were on a first date, walking through a park on one of the warmest days of this past summer.  The plan was to take a walk and have lunch.

We walked by a lake, and I took my shoes and socks off to dip my feet into the water.

We continued to talk, but I noticed her standing pretty far off.  I asked her, "Why don't you come closer?  Or dip your feet in?"

She frowned and said, "That water's filthy.  I'm not touching it."

Her loss.  We started talking about where we had gone to college, families, basic first-date stuff.

We were actually in the middle of a conversation when she pulled out her phone, dialed a number, and held it to her ear.

"Everything okay?" I asked.

She said, "I'm calling my parents to come pick me up."

I asked, "Why?"

She said, "I'm not stepping into that water.  It's disgusting and gross," then into the phone, "Hi, Mom?  I need you to pick me up."

I stared at her, trying to understand what it was I did wrong.  I would have kept walking if she had asked, "Hey, do you mind if we keep going instead of stopping by this lake?"  I'm not unreasonable.  But she sure was.

She went on, into the phone, "Yup.  I just need you to pick me up, now.  I'll meet you in front of the McDonald's on Silver Street.  Okay, bye."

She hung up and walked off, without a word.

I replayed the events in my head twice over, thought about chasing her, then realized that it was a beautiful day, and that I had a nice lake in which to dip my feet.


  1. Haven't you watched the film Splash, clearly she's a mermaid & dipping her feet into the lake would've turned her into a mermaid, not something to reveal on a first date.

    Time flies.

  2. Walking around a lake on a date? That's so barbaric.

  3. Quite *obviously* by continuing to have your feet in the water, you were CLEARLY screaming at her to get her butt in there now or else. How dare you be so threatening. /sarcasm

  4. Sure, she's crazy, but feet are pretty gross. I'd rather not watch you take your shoes and socks off- on the warmest day of the summer- and soak them in a pond. Gross.

  5. Meh. She was probably used to using guys for a free meal and fun on a first date.

    But up against something wholesome her slut powers were useless! She obviously needed to get away before her morals were put into question!

  6. She probably has OCD and she probably started to have a panic attack or something because it sounds like she was so focused on the Lake and the possible germs. Glad you stayed and you're probably better off. It is a sad disease and can really take its toll on a relationship

  7. Maybe he was sitting in goose shit and didn't like that he was so simple-minded and unobservant that he didn't notice.

    This is one of those dates where I'd LOVE to hear the other side of the story.

  8. Well, not knowing what she was thinking and just assuming she was crazy is half the fun, right?


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