How Modeling Careers Start

E-mail Submitted by Caroline:

Your profile is good, but your pictures are great.  You have such a nice face and I'm swooning over your body.

I showed your pics to friends of mine and we all like it.  Do you model?  I think you must. 

I'm not a creep.  I admire the female form and am amazed that more people don't appreciate it for what it is, rather than wanting to just fuck it all the time.  Your body must be beautiful.  The clothing that you wear is out of sight!  It accentuates your figure quite nicely.

Of course it would be easier for me to tell if you went bare.  Not to be creepy, but there's a model's physique under there.  You should consider.


PS: Oe down.


  1. I thought that he meant to say, "Moe down," as a reference to the passing of stooge Moe Howard in May of 1975. It's still a tender spot in our national memory.

  2. It's not on Urban Dictionary, so God only knows what it means.

  3. Maybe it was a trap to make her reply...

  4. Two to go?

    If you look up one downing in the Urban Dictionary, it's the opposite of one upping someone. But the best part is the description:

    A form of comedy potentially even more lame than puns.
    No wait, it is.

  5. Oboe Down. That's got to be it. He was setting his oboe down and thought he should mention it, redeeming all the other creepy things he said. Mystery solved.

    Poe down? He's down with macabre poetry.


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