Maybe Love Is a Game, After All

Story Submitted by Payton:

Angela worked in a Gamestop that I frequented.  She and I got into a conversation about a game that I was buying, and I asked her out.  She proposed a sort of date "game night" of just the two of us at her place and an Xbox.

The night of the date, she called to tell me that her brother had taken the Xbox for the night and asked me if I'd be willing to postpone the game date for another night.  I was perfectly willing to do so, and I took her out to dinner, instead.

During dinner, her brother texted her constantly.  Apparently, the Xbox he had taken was on the fritz and he was having technical difficulties.  I suggested that she tell him that she couldn't be bothered because she was on a date, but she excused herself instead.

"I know I can fix it over the phone.  That way, he'll stop bothering us."

She was gone for a few minutes, then came back with a smile.  I hoped that the interruptions were over when she received another text.  She showed it to me.  It read, "It's still not working.  Can you come to Bill's house to fix it?"

She asked, "What do you think?"

I said that I thought that, as she was out on a date, that her brother could wait.  She protested that he wouldn't leave her alone until she went and fixed the issue.

I said, "If we go to your brother's friend Bill's and fix it, then can we continue with the date?"

"Absolutely," she said, "Promise."

We went to Bill's apartment, and she fiddled with the Xbox for a few minutes only to say, "I think it might be busted."

I own an Xbox, myself, and I've had similar problems with it.  I asked Angela if I could take a crack at it.  I won't go into technical details, but after 15 minutes of trial and error, I had it working.

I asked Angela if she wanted to finish up the date at my place, playing my Xbox.  I was expecting a no, as it was our first date and I was inviting her to my house.  She surprised me and said yes.  Her brother didn't bother her anymore, and the rest of the date lasted way longer than I thought it would.

We had a great time, and we're still together.


  1. wait..I thought this was a website for BAD dating stories?

  2. Occasionally, I like posting ones that have happy endings. Just to give readers a false sense of hope, if for nothing else.

  3. Well OP, I give you props for sticking with it. I would be in a foul state of mind if I had to deal with a girl who insists that she has to drop everything and help our her egg-headed brother fix a damn Xbox. But alas, maybe sometimes it's not such a bad idea to give a second chance to somebody.

  4. I was planning on reading about someones misfortune.... now I am reading about their success..and my own misfortune seems that much crappier...thanks but no thanks A good case of the dates!

  5. Wait, so does "and the rest of the date lasted way longer than I thought it would" mean that you got laid, OP?


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