My Date Was a Tammy Wynette Song

Submitted by Liz:

I got married young (19).  My husband and I were nine days apart in age, and last year for our 21st birthdays, we decided to go to Vegas with my husband's best friend (Jim) and his girlfriend (Kristen).
The day before we went down, there was a huge fire near our house in Utah, and we were evacuated. Our house ended up all right and everyone was fine, so we decided to stick with our plans, but I could tell that he was stressed out and on edge. He kept picking fights with me, and just overall being a jerk the whole two-hour drive.
We got to Vegas and he started drinking immediately.  He passed out about two hours after we got there. Kristen and I decided to go dancing at a nearby club.  She danced with a guy for about 30 seconds, and her boyfriend started freaking out, calling her a whore and this and that. I had had it with that night, so I went to bed.
The next day we were all hanging out in the casino, and of course my husband and Jim are downing beer after beer (Utah beer is much weaker than Nevada beer, so they got drunk a lot faster than normal).
At some point, a guy had approached Jim and Kristen, asking if they wanted to buy some pot. They invited him up to our hotel room to get some from him. I was extremely angry about this. They can do whatever they want to do, but when they bring strangers into our room, that can put us all in danger.
I was mad, but my husband felt like they had done nothing wrong, he yelled this at me while we were sitting at a McDonald's. That night ended pretty much the same as the first.  My husband passed out early, and I went to bed.
The next day was the worst. It started off with another fight, but we were both able to calm down and managed to enjoy a little bit of the day... until later that night. Kristen had a friend who was completely loaded.  She was staying at the Palms at the same time, and invited us all out to a really nice restaurant there.
We were in the parking garage of our hotel, and my husband peeled out a little too fast around the corner. I laughed about it, but asked him not to do it again.
He started going off on his little tangent about how he was just trying to have fun, and I needed to relax, and blah blah blah. I said it was fine that he was having fun, just that speeding in a parking garage is a little freaky. He slowed down to about two miles an hour. I made the mistake of telling him, "You don't need to be a jerk."
Something snapped in his head, and he put his foot to the ground. We sped out of the garage and when we reached outside, he slammed on the brakes. I tried to get out of the truck, but he locked my door. I told him to let me out but he sped up and slammed on his brakes, he did this a few times, while screaming at me about how I don't trust him, and that he's not going to get in a wreck.
He sped all the way to the Palms hotel (I don't know how he didn't get pulled over) and when we reached the parking garage, he didn't slow down. I was freaking out at this point, bawling my eyes out, telling him that I trusted him. and begging him to slow down.
He ignored me and peeled around a corner.  Three people were walking in the garage. They saw our truck and looked terrified, I didn't blame them at all; if they had been two or three feet further into the lane, he probably would've killed one of them. As soon as I saw them, I just lost it.  I had a full-blown panic attack. The left side of my body went numb, and I couldn't breathe.
He finally parked the car at the top of the garage and called Jim. He said, "We're going to be late.  Liz's freaking out."  He hung up and yelled at me, telling me to shut up and calm down.
Our friends finally came, and after about twenty minutes, I was able to breathe normally again. Jim talked to my husband, told him that he was being a dick, and needed to calm down.  My husband finally apologized to me. I accepted it, but told him that I didn't want to talk to him right then.  We went down to dinner.
My husband and Jim once again drink too much, and got completely trashed at dinner. The girls and I went to the restroom and came back to find my husband and Jim flirting with a group of drunk girls who thought they were famous BMX racers.
The perfect end to the perfect weekend.
We're not married anymore. 


  1. Yeah, if my house almost burned down, I'd want to head to Vegas, get wasted, yell at my wife and almost kill a few people too. That would definitely take the edge off.

  2. Ummm...did I miss the, uh, "date" portion of this story? Because all I saw was "prematurely married idiots go to Vegas, get drunk, abuse each other and then get divorced." Huh.

  3. "I got married young (19)...
    We're not married anymore."

    Yep, pretty much sums it up...

  4. 12:32 - She's not very bright, I'll give you that. But point out to me where the OP did any of the abusing?

  5. Jaw-droppingly...effing weird. But let me tell you why.
    A Bad Case of the Do You Just Need to Vent or What? Surely there are abusive marriage story sites out there, you pick this one? This has nothing to do with the content of this site. Much less amusing and more just...worrisome.

    Yep, sounds like a typical teenage marriage. What do you want? Everyone in this story needs therapy.

    Excuse me, I need to go to the organic gardening club site to go talk about structural deficit.

  6. She just wanted to share, even though her story had nothing to do with the topic of this website. Sweetie, you need therapy, go get it and stop whining to strangers.

  7. I don't mind that this is a teen marriage story. I mind that they're from Utah.

  8. I took it as a weekend-long bad date with your psycho teen husband. Well, they weren't teens then I guess, but whatever. Maybe if she just condensed it down to one anecdote from the weekend?

    That said, agreed on all accounts, therapy is needed. Lots of it.

  9. Heh, kids these days.

  10. What did you expect!? It's people like you that give Utah a bad rap. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  11. There is no love on this forum.

    Come on in, share some unhappiness. We'll pee on it for you.

    So she is not destined for Nobel fame. But she did leave the guy. I give her a nod for that.

  12. People shouldn't be allowed to get married until they're 25.

  13. You don't really have a bad date once you're married... it's more like a series of bad decisions that you make and have to live with.

    Marriage isn't a date. We should make it permanent so that people have to think before doing it.

  14. This was far too long winded and not interesting enough, where was the date? It was more like "Last chapter in a failed marriage", not something we want to read about.
    That's what you get for getting married far, far too soon.

  15. Honestly, marriage isn't a date. This was way too long and boring

  16. @2:00 - most brilliant idea on this blog so far.

  17. I third that notion.

  18. Fourthed: http://rescuemarriage.org/

  19. No, no, you don't understand. They are from Utah, therefore there was never any dating, just culturally-induced premature marriage. So to them, this WAS a date.

  20. Unfortunately, Jonathan - it takes reading a story to think it's bad.
    It's also called commentary. No one said we all had to agree on everything. It was a disturbing story to me. It's borderline abuse, not an amusing anecdote about some weirdo who drinks a lot on a first date and pukes on your shoes.

    The OP sympathizers do nothing to encourage the thought that these people are sane. Call me an asshole, say I need therapy myself, I can live with that. I can always turn over a new leaf and try to be a better person and not post negative comments on dating blogs.

    Crazy is forever.

  21. The OP is actually at fault as well for being a moron that marries a crazy dude at 19. At 19 we all made mistakes, but I think we all knew not to get married to crazy people at that age.

  22. Shut up Jonathan, nobody cares what you have to say.


  23. We don't know the situation(s) which led to her getting married to this guy at 19. Perhaps he wasn't showing symptoms of abuse then, or perhaps they were subtle enough that she didn't notice. Maybe she doesn't have a very good home life, so she married him to escape that. Maybe she was just young, dumb, and in love, but she didn't have the positive influences in her life that the rest of us had who convinced us not to get married so young. Maybe she belongs to a cult or a strict religious group, and the marriage wasn't entirely her choice.

    Like others have pointed out, at least she wised up and divorced him.

  24. ^ Maybe the guy's family was rich. Maybe he got her knocked up, and he later forced her to have an abortion. Maybe he promised her she wouldn't ever have to work again. Maybe he emotionally abused her to the point that she thought nobody else would ever love her (could be true, but I'm not speculating). Maybe she's like many other typical teenage American girls, and will say "yes" to just about any guy willing to marry her. Maybe she was a rebellious teen, and despite her family's warning about marrying young, she felt even more pressured into doing it. Maybe she was actually able to sit through Twilight.

    Regardless, this bitch was dumb all around.

  25. No one who can sit through Twilight should be allowed to marry/breed. I think that's something we all can agree upon.

  26. Um, did anyone notice it only took her 2 hours to get from utah to vegas? I call BS...

  27. ^ They could have only driven 2 hours from where they had evacuated to, to Vegas. Or maybe they drove 2 hours to where they evacuated to, and then skipped the part about the travels to Vegas? That part wasn't written very clearly.

    If they lived in St George, UT, it only takes about 2 hours to get to Vegas. From the way this guy seems to drive, they could have also been going pretty fast.


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