Playground Politics

Submitted by Kyle:

Betsy was dead set on going to a playground as part of our first date.  She said that she wanted to visit one first, before we did anything else, but I thought it would be a better idea to hit up a food place, so we did that.

She rushed through coffee and dragged me outside.  I asked her which playground we'd be going to, as I informed her that there were a few in the area.  She told me that her favorite was one on the other side of town, so I followed her there.

When we arrived, she was crushed to discover that it had been bulldozed by developers.  Then she turned to me and asked what we should do next.  I told her that we could go to another playground, but she shook her head and said that it wouldn't be the same.

We went to another one anyway, and she went down a slide and told me that she was all done.

"With the playground?" I asked.

"With you," she said.  Then she went on to say, "You didn't even try to catch me as I slid down the slide.  What kind of boyfriend would you be?"

She went home, and that was it.  I wondered if she was secretly 12 years old, because she sure behaved like one.


  1. what kind of twelve-year-old still wants to play on a play ground??

    but yeah, thats kinda creepy...

  2. i guess she should date a pedophile. that would be a win win situation.

  3. ... except for the pedophile because by definition they like people who are children on the outside. So it would be a win/lose situation really. But close.

  4. Answer: "One who doesn't date children."

  5. She needed a Daddy. You could've been hers.

  6. What's wrong with dating children? Gotta get 'em before the hair does.

  7. Yet another date story where I seriously hope all the participants were younger than 16. Anything over that would put this story in some seriously creepy territory.

  8. I remember when I was a kid and my parents took my brother and me to our school playground and my mom got on the slide and my dad said "I'll catch you."

    And then she broke his nose.

    Ahhh, fond memories.

  9. Your dad should've known better than to try and catch a fat chick. Is your dad's name Ahab?


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