The Micro Date

Submitted by Vinny:

Chelsea called me up to tell me that she'd be late for our date.  Stuck in traffic.  No problem.  Thanks for letting me know.

An hour later, she called back to tell me that she'd be even later.  She also said that she had a birthday party to go to that night.  I asked her if she wanted to postpone the date, but she said that she didn't want to.  Okay, but time's burning.

She called me a third time to ask if I could meet her at a coffee place for a quick meeting.  I told her that by the time I made it there, we'd have almost no time before she had to leave for her party.  She said that she could afford to be slightly late to the party, and sounded really enthused about meeting me, so I went for it.

I sat down at the coffee place and waited for her.  She zoomed in, sat down across from me, introduced herself, swigged down some of MY coffee, asked me boilerplate questions about myself ("What's it like to be a firefighter?"  "How do you like living where you do?"  "What do you do for fun?"), looked at her watch, said, "Shit, I've got to go!  It was nice meeting you!" and zipped out before I could learn anything more about her than the fact that she had just given me the shortest date of my life.

I never heard from her again.  What I could have said or done to have turned her off is a mystery to me, but maybe she was just upset about how she treated me.  Either way, I wasn't in any rush to ask her back out for another microdate.


  1. chelsea is a moron. you micro date a nerd, not a fireman. you have to give yourself ample time to admire the goods. ;)

  2. ..You didn't state how you met, but I'll assume it was online or through a 3rd party. What you had was like a SPEED date. She wanted to see you i person to see if she was attracted to you.

    P.S. She wasn't.

  3. You had her confused with someone who cared. Next time go with your gut and cancel. If she really wanted to meet you then she would make it happen. Why do you think she mentioned the party, not like you could do anything about her being late. That was the indicator she didn't care to meet you. What a stroke.

  4. Nice guys finish last for a reason. The first delay, OK, the second one? You don't have time. See ya.

  5. Its obvious that Vinny likes to embellish and Chelsea is a prostitute. She was trying to fit a 'date' with him in between other 'dates'. When she was 'stuck in traffic' she was stuck in a hotel room. when she met you at a coffee shop it was another hotel, and when she swigged down her coffee it was a 15 minute BBBJCIM thing. The 'Birthday Party' was a stag party she was late for. They are always late.

    Its cool dude, we can translate your code. And i am sure you can catch up with her again on Craigslist.


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