Submitted by Elizabeth:

Justin was a guy I had a big crush on in high school, and I was beyond thrilled when he asked me to senior prom.  It was a little weird, since we moved in different social circles, but I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

When he picked me up in the limo and for most of the first part of the night, he didn't seem interested in me at all.  It was as if he was with me just to say that he had a prom date, rather than having asked me out for any interest.

Of course, later in the evening, I found out that the girl he really wanted to ask had snubbed him and had gone to the prom with someone else.  He kept looking over at her and sneering.  Whenever I asked him if he wanted to dance, he would roll his eyes and ensure that we danced near to where this other girl was.  I tried to make it less miserable by spending time chatting with my friends at the table, but they were all into their dates, and I felt like a third wheel in most of my interactions with them.

Finally, at one point towards the end of the dance, he excused himself and went over to the table where the other girl was sitting and exchanged some heated words with the girl and her date.  I didn't see what happened specifically, but someone threw a punch and glass shattered.  The next thing I knew, my date and the girl's date were being forcibly ushered out of the room.

The girl then looked over at me and motioned me over.  We ended up as good friends who still laugh about the incident to this day.  As for our dates, mine waited outside until the prom was done, but hers took off with their limo and didn't return with it until an hour and a half after the dance was over.


  1. Sounds like this turned out for the better as you ended up with a new friend and were able to lose the asshole for the rest of the night.

  2. Sounds like you had the same prom experience as 93.4% of high school girls in America. Congrats.

  3. Switch the guy and girl around and the exact same scenario happened in my high school. Ah the magical time of youth.

  4. This isn't unique. please don't bore us with high school prom stories. We all have a million of them.

  5. No one is making you read the story. If you're bored, find something better to read. I found this story interesting.

  6. That's not how my prom was- guess I'm in the 6.6% of those not included in 9:16's response.
    Good story- glad you got a friend out of it.

  7. Creighton Duke1/05/2010 4:04 PM

    You should have been more likable in the first place. I side with the guy. Hopefully you'll be a first choice in the future.

  8. 2:40, you also happen to be part of the 78.6% of posters who do not understand sarcasm.

    Congrats, however, on being included in the 5% that can do math.

  9. This makes me glad we don't have proms in the U.K.

  10. What do you have in the UK instead?

  11. Actually - I live in the UK and I did have a prom.. I know quite a few schools up and down England at least that have them.


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