The Donkey and the Ass

Submitted by Willa:

Dating profiles certainly never tell the full story, and this was no clearer than during my date with Joe.

Early on during the date, he pointed a finger at me and asked, "Republican or Democrap?"

Yikes! I replied, "I don't much care for politics," to which he replied, "Ooh. Somebody hates America."

Annoyed, I asked, "And what is America to you?"

He said, "The land of the free and the home of the brave. You should try reading the constitution sometime."

I said, "I think I'll exercise one of my rights right now," and I stood up and left. He never followed or contacted me. Thank goodness!


  1. You can spot Republicans easy these days, by the smoke coming out their ears and the bulging veins in their necks. Funny, they never gave a rat's ass while Bush spent eight years dismantling and selling the country off piece by piece to all his corporate buddies.

  2. I didn't know Sean Hannity was dating again.

    You dodged a bullet.

  3. Elizabeth R.1/26/2010 7:19 PM

    WAY TO GO, if that's really how it happened YOU ROCK!

  4. Early in the date, he found you unattractive and pulled out his "get out of date with politics" card.

  5. 12:53, is that really a card? I mean, if you think a girl/guy is ugly, why wouldn't you use any of the other tricks demonstrated on this site--demanding to know how many times your date has had sex, pretend that you see the ghosts of your dead relatives, tell your date that you shit out one of your organs and need to go home...I mean, there are SO MANY better excuses than "ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT PLEASE SAY REPUBLICAN IF YOU DON'T HATE FREEDOM."

  6. He didn't follow you because you're too uptight and he most likely didn't think you were worth it. Btw, This story was lame, like you.


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