Who Says That Guys Don't Do Romance?

Submitted by Mary:

John and I worked together and had a subtle, flirty relationship.  After a few months, he finally asked me out on a date and I said yes.
Dinner went really well, despite the random, smart-ass put downs he spouted at me.
After dinner, we thought we'd go to a bar for drinks.  The whole time there, his phone buzzed every few minutes and he was continually texting.  He said that his friend lived above the bar and would possibly stop down and hang out with us (on our first date!).
I went to the bathroom and asked him to watch my bag.  When I came back, he had walked outside to smoke a cigarette, leaving my bag on the table.  He did it again when I went to put songs on the jukebox.  He started making more asshole-ish, sarcastic put downs, which was not helping.   Thank God his friend never showed.
I was totally over the date by that point, and told him that I would walk him home and then catch a cab.  The block before we had to turn towards his apartment he froze in his tracks.  When I asked what was wrong, he said, "That wasn't my friend I was texting.  It was my girlfriend.  And she's waiting on the front steps of my apartment."
I turned around in silence and hailed the first cab I saw.  The worst part was that I had to see him at work on Monday!


  1. Why the hell did you walk him home anyway? Your date should've ended right when you felt uncomfortable. Who cares if he was your co-worker or not. He didn't give a crap, did he?

  2. it's your purse, you look after it. if its inconenient, ditch some of the junk or get a backpack.

  3. "Smart-ass put downs" (if they were directed at you) should have been enough to say that dinner did not go well at all, unless you put his ass down in return.

    Plus, what the fuck is wrong with just taking your bag into the bathroom with you.

    Did you leave your drink on the table as well?

    I'm shocked this didn't turn into another bad case of the rapes story.

  4. and that my friends, is why you don't date people from work.

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your date to watch your purse. Its easier than taking it with you and hanging it on the door, or trying to hold it while hovering. Its not like she didn't know the guy, who was obviously an incosiderate jerk. She was perfectly reasonable in thinking he would keep an eye on her bag while she relieved herself, thus making it easier. Wow, you people focus on the most mundane details.

  6. What is with the women on this site time after time beginning their story with, "after months of flirting/subtle hints/eye contact, he FINALLY asked me out"? What is wrong with you asking him out?

  7. work dates are booty calls, and you failed.

  8. 10:15 AMen!

  9. You've worked with him and i got a funny feeling you probably knew he had a girlfriend.. C'mon now.. And i'm sure he didn't turn from a Sweet nice guy to a Jerk in one night, so chances are he was the same way at work (joking, flirting, saying jerky/sarcastic comments towards you.) You're one of those females who like the bad boy a**hole's and because he didn't care about you and because he had a girlfriend he wasen't willing to break up with for you, you turn around out of spite and try to make him look like the bad guy.. You're not fooling me lmao.
    OH and bring your own purse, it's not his job to babysit the items you bring..I'm guessing he paid for your dinner, that was nice of him why didn't you mention it? I know if you paid you'd of definitly added that in the story.. Stop acting like fake silver and maybe you'll find a good guy who will treat you like real gold!

  10. Except that it isn't. This would have been a bad date regardless of whether she worked with the guy.


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