Strip it on Down

Submitted by Rick:

Julia and I met at a political event.  She really was something special, and was a pleasure to debate with and to talk to.  We made a date.

Over the course of the date, she asked me what the grossest thing that I ever did was.  A couple of years earlier, I was the best man at my older brother's wedding.  At the bachelor party, we booked a private room at a strip club, and the strippers made my brother and I strip and do all sorts of things (with the strippers, not each other).  It was pretty sick to see my brother doing the various things that one does while clothing-less at a strip club, but it was all in fun.

Julia became really quiet and I asked her what was wrong.  She said, "I'm sorry, I don't date guys like you."

I asked her what she meant by that, and she said, "Guys who would fuck a stripper."

I said that I didn't fuck a stripper.  First off, that would've been nasty as anything.  Secondly, if I had tried, the bouncers would've thrown me out of there, with or without clothes.

Julia wouldn't listen to reason and was quiet for the rest of the date.  When I was ready to end it and wish her goodnight, she asked me, "Do you think I'd make a good stripper?"

What a loaded question.  I said, "You can do anything if you set your mind to it."

She said, "Because I would never fuck you, not in a million years."

Oooooooookay.  Date over.


  1. I'm sorry but I agree with your date on this one. As a woman myself, I would not want to hear on a first date how you and your brother got naked in a private room with strippers and 'did all sorts of things.' Although you went into detail with her and not us, all I can say is 'EWWW'. Damn right the date was over.

  2. ok .. WHY would she ask him on a first date, what is the grossest thing hed ever done? if she doesnt wanna hear it, dont ask.

    whatever happened to the "what do u do for a living" or "what do you do for fun" type of questions?

  3. I think she was looking for something along the lines of "I ate an old lifesaver I found in the couch"....not "my brother and I got naked with several women and did various sexual acts".

    Some things you keep to yourself. Like knowing how big your brother's wang is.

    That may be one of those things.

  4. yep, sorry dude - I agree with 8:24 too.

    I'm also female and wouldn't want to hear about shit like that ever, let alone on a first date.

    Some things are best left in the past.


    ...although her crack about how she would never fuck you in a million years was a bit harsh.

  5. At an early stage in our relationship, my girlfriend asked me the weirdest experience I'd ever had. Without batting an eyelid I told her about losing a bet in Amsterdam and having to fuck a hooker of my friends choosing.

    She's now my wife. (My former girlfriend, not the hooker).

    The point of all this, is that the past is just that; the past. What you did back then might not necessarily represent what you're like now.

    It's a bit weird that this involves brothers; but still, like the man said, it's a bit of fun.

    Rick, I'd like to congratulate you for discovering that the chick you went on a date with was a prudish idiot before you got in too (balls) deep.

  6. Disagree completely with everyone who makes a big deal out of this. Clearly the guy in this story was confident enough to throw out a casual anecdote that happened to include strippers - but the moral police gets easily offended and it's quite judgmental to boot.

  7. She asked the question. Did she not want an honest answer?

  8. He needs a woman who can handle that kind of stuff... boys will be boys, what's the big deal. We're out there.... keep looking.

  9. This story leads me to my conclusion...
    Deny, deny, deny. Obviously if a girl is asking about things like that, it's best to not tell her. Even the girls commenting here are helping to nail in the point. Lie your ass off. Sure, you can get the whole feeling of being honerable by telling her about what you did, but when girls ask questions, they have what they want to hear in mind. If they don't hear it, they're gonna freak.

    And yes, this bitch was a prude. Glad you didn't get stuck with her.

  10. I agree with Barbzz , Andy and 8:52 on this on. This lady asked a question. He gave an honest answer. The OP didn't come to the date planning to share this story with her and mearly answered her question honestly.

    #1- This is not first date conversation material. I don't think she should have asked this question on a first date, especially if she is easily deterred by such a response.

    #2- I think she didn't consider that it's possible that the OP probably doesn't go out and do this every weekend. This is a story from his past of a weird night of naked awesomeness. She can't just assume 'that's the type of guy he is' possibly expecting that this is his typical behavior.

    #3- Although the OP has this story of the strippers to offer as an answer he could have thought of something different to answer with keeping in mind this was a first date and first impressions are vital.

    This wasn't carried out well by either of them but I think she was a little immature about it.

  11. @ 10:32....The funny thing is, I found it in a stripper's couch. True story.

  12. I'm a chick and I think she overreacted. What did she expect for an answer? No man is a saint. I would have loved him for telling the truth and not making up some bullshit story just to sound good.

  13. I would have asked if he had pictures. (I'm a woman)

    Seriously - you don't ask questions if you don't want honest answers. If you need someone to sugarcoat and/or lie about their life, then you aren't grown up enough to be dating without a chaperone. You have to know the difference between the past and the present. When he fucked the stripper he wasn't cheating on you. You can't take that shit personally.

    BUT - the OP lost me on the remark that fucking a stripper is "nasty as anything". Some of them, probably. But generalizations like that make you look like an ass.

  14. ok, its a little different in different situations... if my husband were to tell me that now, I would think it was a little odd, vbut I wouldn't get all butt hurt about it (if it was before we'd dated, not recently) but if he had told me on our first date, I would've thought he was a weirdo and probably wouldn't have gone out with him again..

    I agree that that probably wasn't the response she was looking for.

    The would be like a woman saying she stripped for a bunch of guys or something. Guy wouldn't like it...

  15. Am I the only chick here that would have found that answer hilarious? Don't be so uptight, ladies.

  16. ^ you also refer to yourself as a chick. Number, please???

  17. I'm all for being honest. But there are some things chicks should never know or want to know. One of those things is strippers and another your naked brother.

  18. Do not ask someone what the grossest thing they've ever done was if you are not prepared for all the possible answers.

    Do not assume that one instance makes the man. If he's considering that "gross," then it is obviously not typical behavior or he'd think it's normal.

    I agree that she way overreacted and doesn't know context clues.

    But that's still way TMI for a first date. It really is.


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