Submitted by KP:

I agreed to go out with a guy I met at a party, against my better judgment.  He had been talking about his ex all night, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we went to dinner at his friend's restaurant.

He spent the night talking about his "connections" and beckoning the chef to bring us some special non-menu food. I mentioned that I don't eat meat or fish, and ended up with duck soup and fish for dinner. The night dragged on while he continually answered his phone and texted during the meal, to someone I soon found out was his ex.

We went to a bar where again, he showed off his connections with his friends who ran the place and again texted on his phone.

He asked if I wanted to leave, and on our way to my car, his friend tagged along. I had no idea what was going on until he said, "Hold on," and proceeded to sell him drugs during our date!

I decided not to bring it up, and instead dropped him off and never answered my phone again.


  1. WHY did you continue w/ the date since he was so rude at dinner? You went to the bar because of WHY?

  2. You never answered your phone again? You must be pretty lonely.

  3. @anon #3: Or she was served food she can't eat after explaining that she doesn't eat it and was then ignored while he took part in illegal activities that she was likely against.


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