Don't Hate on the Homeless

Submitted by Marcus:

On our first date, Annie and I had a decent dinner and then took a walk in the park at dusk.  Everything was fine until we passed a homeless guy.  He asked for some change and we ignored him, but then he said something under his breath, something that sounded like, "Stupid idiot," or similar.

I was ready to ignore this as well, but Annie wasn't.  She turned around and demanded that he repeat what he said.  The two ended up in a shouting match, and when he tried to leave, Annie actually followed him.

I tried to stop her, telling her that it wasn't worth it and that I knew of a good dessert place about two blocks away.  She wouldn't hear of it.  She kept following this guy, block after block, until he finally gave her the slip somewhere.

I caught up with her, she turned to me and said, "Well, the date's ruined, now.  Good night, I guess."

It didn't have to be ruined, but in retrospect, I didn't really think much of her for letting the guy bother her so much in the first place.


  1. I totally get being pissed because someone says something like that to you but talk about an overreaction!! She needs to let that shit go!

  2. Woah, hehe. At least she noticed herself that it was ruined.

  3. Should have just thrown the bum a quarter.

  4. The guy may have been mentally ill and certainly wasn't well. She's a mean spirited person and you're better off.

  5. Maybe the bum was her ex?

  6. picking an argument with a homeless guy? she did you a favor by ending the date with such a lame excuse.


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