Next Time, I'll Watch My Step

Submitted by Alan:

Lara and I went to a state fair for our first date. It seemed unusual and fun.

Of course, any state fair has a livestock exhibition, and there were plenty of horses. As we were walking, I accidentally stepped into a small mound of horse droppings.

Lara couldn't stop laughing, and I mean that. She turned from a sweet, good-natured girl into some sort of non-stop teasing machine. For over TWO HOURS after it happened, she couldn't stop laughing or talking about it, even after I had stopped laughing at it myself.

Whenever I'd try to change the subject, she'd say, "I can't believe you just walked right into horse shit! What were you thinking?" as if I had somehow planned to do it.

Walking back to our cars, it's all she kept talking and laughing about. I didn't even get a good chance to know her because most of our date was taken up by her talking about my walking into horse dung.

She called me that night to discuss it even further. I couldn't ask her on another date after that.


  1. She was probably nervous and brought it up every time she didn't know what to say next.. I've been on dates before where I realized I was overdoing it, but couldn't stop myself because I was so afraid of the awkward silence!

  2. Amy,
    Considering the "She called me that night to discuss it even further," I really, really doubt that she was just nervous.

  3. I can't imagine a two-hour conversation about this, or her calling you later to "discuss it" as if it's a new United Nations resolution. How weird.


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