Dinner and a Whipping

Submitted by Kim:

So I recently went to Chicago for a week long vacation and while I was there I met this guy one day when I was eating lunch, we can call him Frank.  He was really attractive and we had a good conversation while we ate so when he asked me if I would want to go out with him that night and let him show me around I agreed.

I met him at the train stop, and we walked to a blues/jazz bar down the street, we ordered drinks and food and everything was going great. Then he suggested we head to another bar... as soon as we walked in I looked over and some girl was chained up to the wall and another girl in all leather was whipping her.  Turns out it was dominatrix night at the fetish bar.  Now I am not prude, but for a first date?  And it doesn't end there...

We had a drink, I went to the bathroom, and when I came back I told him I wanted to leave.  He told me that when I was in the bathroom he had signed me up to be next to get chained up and whipped.  I ran as fast as I could out the door.

We ended up going to another place down the street and he got me a drink and then went off to smoke for 15 minutes and left me to talk with some other guys. When he came back he offered to come back to my hotel room with me.

I laughed and said no because I was sharing a room with other people and he told me to just come home with him then.

I said no again as I had to be back that night. At this point he got angry and asked if I was even planning on sleeping with him, I said no and that I was happy that we went on the date but that I never had any intention of having sex.

He started yelling even more, asking me "Why did I buy you dinner and drinks if we aren't even going to do anything?"  At this point I became very uncomfortable and told him.  He said that if I was so uncomfortable then I ought to leave.

I got up and left the bar, walked myself back to the train and while I was on the train, I got text messages from him telling me what a whore I am...


  1. what a psycho! I would have tossed him after the crazy bar. How rude!

  2. She'd have to have had sex with him to be a whore, actually. You could call her a bitch or frigid or a user or something, but really...she never put out, so she's not a whore.

    And really, if some douchenozzle took me to a BDSM bar, signed me up to get whipped without my consent, then tried to get me drunk, then yelled at me...I wouldn't really be in the mood to put out either.

    People really need to make their intentions known before the bill comes.

  3. Kim = Whore

  4. Frank = Whore

  5. That's Chicago love babe.Surprised he didn't take you to Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium first.

  6. Why let the date go further after the fetish bar incident? Wasn't that enough of a sign of the asshat that he was???

  7. women who wear sexy clothes are in with a chance of getting raped, its sad but true.

  8. He is definitely a Grade A Creep who is probably sitting in a jail cell now, but what woman goes on a date when she's on vacation? You were just looking for a hookup. You are a whore. A whore with no self respect too, since you were dumb enough to stay after he signed you up to be whipped. Some of the people on this site are as horrible as the dates they complain about.

  9. Kim was just trying to get raped so she could victimize herself. She is a attention whore on top of being a whore whore.

  10. Hey Kim, don't worry about it. Every single woman I know goes on dates (or the hook-up equivalent) when on vacation - it's why you go on vacation, to meet hot dudes that you don't have to deal with later in daily life. Too bad yours was such a tool. Maybe next vacation you can find a guy you can truly whore it up with.

    Also, to everyone above, whores get paid.

  11. There are bars where you can sign up to be chained and whipped? Back in my day, we'd just bring a girl to a sporting event if we wanted to torture her.

  12. I'm not understanding why she went on to another bar and continued to drink with the guy if she was so turned off by his creepiness.

  13. Wow...what is wrong with all of you? Maybe they should have gone dutch on the dinner and drinks but can't a woman have a good time without anything being expected or being called a whore? Why can't people just have a great night out?

  14. I don't understand. A ton of these stories end with the guy expecting to have sex, like he's entitled to it.

    In order for them to expect it, it must have happened before and not just once or twice.

    Those girls are the whores.

  15. Where is this bar at? I need to know, for uhh research.

  16. Both ANNOYMOUS's (1:28 & 1:15) are idiotic and probley don't get asked out or get laid.. And to top it off they probably sit at home all day lonely and bitter, Go look up the word 'Whore' and you'll see that you're using the wrong word with this girl.. Even if you were to call her a 'Bitch' or something it would of been different, but a whore? Last time i checked you had to sleep or do something with a lots of guys to be considered that.. And she was out on vacation, lots of people go on vacation to have fun, meet new people, drink, etc.. It's normal i guess you don't no how to have fun.. And who knows maybe she wanted to see where things went, long distance relationships aren't impossible although they rarely work.. but still.. Grow a brain, both of you.


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