What's Your Test On? Mixology?

Submitted by John:

In college I asked out a girl who was a customer at the video store I worked at because she seemed cool enough and we had similar taste in movies. We met at a cavernous, empty sports bar on its last legs, which made for an ominous beginning of the night.

From the start I could tell she just wasn't into being there and I quickly realized she was a lot less interesting than I had initially gathered. After a few, quick drinks, she explained she had to "go study for a test" she had the next day. We exchanged goodbyes and since it was still early, I decided to cross town to a party my friend's fraternity was having.

As I was pouring a beer from the keg, I looked up and spotted her hanging with some friends across the room. Our eyes met for a very awkward few seconds, and after some initial feelings of anger at being totally lied to, I just laughed it off and we both stayed at the party -- not exchanging one word the whole night.


  1. Well to be fair, it was you who chose the cavernous empty sports bar.

  2. You're detailing of the date was amazing. I laughed so much, I had tears in my eyes! Out of curiosity, which Mozart piece where they going to play?

  3. Somebody here indeed had a very bad date. Her.

  4. I agree with the poster above me. Still funny, though! And very awkward.

  5. you blew it. sorry buddy. better luck next time

  6. Waitaminit, he didn't blow it! What are you talking about. Shit just happens that way sometimes. Nobody's to blame.

  7. Don't take any dates to sports bars...

  8. this is a really boring story that should have never been told


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