Little Big Man

Submitted by Sam:

Last month I took my coworker Nora out for a drink after work. One drink became five and we ended up in her bedroom. That part was awesome.

So was the next part, when we did it twice more in less than two weeks.

The not-so-awesome part came when I caught a snippet of a conversation at work. On my way to the break room, I heard my name. Two women from my department were talking within and I stopped before entering.

"Nora told that it's more like a pity thing."

"Oh no..."

"Mmm. She said that it was like this," To which I imagined her holding up a pinky finger.

Giggling followed. Deciding to grab the bull by its testicles, I strode into the room. That shut them up.

"Ladies," I nodded at them. I poured myself some coffee and left, but didn't go far. Predictably, they burst into muffled laughter a few moments later.

I walked back inside and put my coffee mug down on the table. They weren't laughing anymore.

I said, "You know, it's really rude to talk behind people's backs."

I grabbed my mug and made to leave, but turned around and said, "And by the way, it's more like this." And I held up a finger of my own to them, but it wasn't the pinky.

Maybe it was presumptuous on my part. Whatever it was, Nora pulled me aside later that day to tell me that we shouldn't be seeing each other anymore.

Whatever Nora's decision was, and however big I may or may not be, one thing remains certain:

Among our three meet-ups, I boned her seven times. And that rocks.


  1. "you make love like a chinese meal: small portions but so many courses"

  2. Haha. I loved it!

  3. this. never. happened.

  4. Wait a second. You have a pinky finger dick and that's supposed to be awesome? Now wait a second. Wait one second. Seven times over 3 sessions? Wait a second. Hold on hold on. Wait a second here. That doesn't rock.

  5. Mission accomplished... nuff said!

  6. WIN. Although, it sounds way too smooth and fantasy-fulfillemnt, I'll have to say it sounds like a B.S. story to me.

  7. Wait so you think that the two women who'd been told it was pinky sized and then had you stroll in and go 'no way it's really big!' now believe that it was? Do you think that didn't come off as super-defensive and sad?

    If this even happened (which it didn't); they are laughing at you even harder than before, dude.

  8. You had five drinks and you were able to bone her seven times? I'm guessing you haven't done a lot of drinking or boning so far.

  9. May I please have her phone number? Thanks.

  10. Girls tell each other everything, often embellishing in the process. Sam, you should have plowed at least one of Nora's friends and then said something. Well written though, I thoroughly enjoyed that story.

  11. This definitely sounds fake. I'll bet if the OP really did overhear her friends talking about his small dick, he wouldn't have had the nerve to confront them about it. He probably just thought, "This is what I should have done!" and decided to post it here.

  12. Anyone who uses the term 'boning' has never done it before. Because they are 10.


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