Drone and Groan

Story Sent in by Claire:

Jeff asked me out on a date to a big park where he was going to show me his camera drone. He showed me the controls and I played around with it a lot, myself.

He retook the controls and told me to stand still and spread my legs a little bit. I was in a dress that went down to my ankles and he controlled the drone to a hover above the ground and tried to sail it between my legs.

I stopped him right there. "A camera drone between my legs? I don't think so." I laughed, trying to make his creepy request seem like a joke or whatever. I thought I was giving him an easy out. Perhaps even a way to recover.

Instead he said, "It's a first date so I know we won't go all the way. So I should get just a little something, right?"

I laughed, less with humor and more with pity. I told him, "I don't think so."

He then rammed the drone into my right ankle. It hurt! I jumped back and kicked at the drone. It fell to the ground. Jeff cried out and ran for the drone and yelled, "You're paying for this, swine!"

I said, "Make me. I'll say you tried to fly it up my skirt. Which you did." He then grabbed his drone and stormed away. Not long afterward, he emailed a "bill" to me for $7,000 for his drone plus "emotional suffering." I laughed a final time as I deleted the email and blocked any further messages from him.


  1. Wow, that is quite high in the creep scale!

  2. I am skeptical about this one, because as far as I know drone cameras can't really record video straight upwards, which is what would be need for quality hooha shots.

    Source: Bananas and I already tried this.

    1. Can confirm. We only got a shot of my upper thighs. On the plus side, we did discover a mole I didn't know about and now I'll be having that removed. Thanks steve!

  3. I'm skeptical that Jeff's a human being. Also, you can attach devices to a drone and if you tilt the drone just right you may just get a money shot.Hey wait, I better not give you any ideas Steve...


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