At Least He Had the Celebrity Attitude Down

Story Sent in by April:

James and I barely spoke online before he asked me out and I accepted. This was a lonely time of my life and I just wanted to meet new people, whether or not things worked out.

James seemed nice when we first spoke over drinks, but then he asked, "Do you recognize me from anywhere?"

I said that I didn't and asked if I should've. He said that he was on a lot of TV shows like Law & Order, Dexter, and CSI. I hadn't seen him in any of them. He then asked me if I had a pen, as he wanted to autograph my cocktail napkin. I handed him a pen and he signed it and gave it to me, along with my pen back.

I thanked him, then folded the napkin and put it and the pen in my purse.

This made him mad. "You folded my signature? Now it's worth nothing!" He grabbed another cocktail napkin and demanded my pen again.

I told him that one autograph was enough. He screamed for it back, but I didn't give it to him. He then shot a hand at my purse and yanked out the napkin he'd already signed (it was right on top) and he ripped it up. "You get nothing! You get nothing! You get nothing! You get nothing!" he said as he tore it into confetti, right there at the bar.

I stood up and left. I was afraid that he'd follow me out, but he didn't.


  1. A young girl, putting herself out there. Selflessly searching for a cure for EVS. But....YOU GET NOTHING!

  2. This music feels appropriate.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEVVGCK1Pl4

  4. He was probably an extra who thinks he's some kind of big star. Get over yourself, loser. So funny.


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