Take Two for the Team

Story Sent in by Miguel:

Natalie was a waitress in a sports bar I went to, at least once a week after work with coworkers. She was crazy hot, and she was always a bit flirty with me, although I knew that it was part of her job.

One time, five of us (just guys, although women from work joined us sometimes) were at the bar and started talking about her. But that was all it was: just talk. I knew that the other guys were too bashful to say anything to her directly, so none of us said anything.

That was until I went back inside after we left, under the guise of having forgotten something. I approached her and said something dumb, like, "Look, I know this is crazy, but can I take you out, sometime?"

She gave me the hottest smile and told me, "Yes." For fear of jinxing it, I didn't tell any of the guys at work. I resolved to take her out before our next post-work outing at the bar. Otherwise, it might've made things more awkward than they already were.

I took her out to a really great place, several clicks above the bar where she worked. I mean, this place had a live quartet playing.

Anyway, the meal at first went great, and we had a good ebb and flow. Then she asked me, "Who's the blond guy with the blue eyes you come into the bar with?"

She was talking about one of my coworkers, Eric. I had a bad feeling, but I told her, "That's Eric."

She asked, "Do you know if he's single?"

I said, "Why? You have a friend who might be interested in him?"

She laughed and said, "No! I'm interested, silly."

Oh, me! How silly! I should've figured. Before I could reply in the most polite way possible, she said, "Oh, you thought I was into you?"

I was going to say, "I thought we were on a date," but I didn't have a chance, because she started laughing. And she didn't stop. She laughed and laughed and laughed. She even shook her head a bit, for good measure.

Once she had recovered, she asked, "So, I'm sorry for the confusion. Anyway, is he single?"

I was pretty sure that he was single. I could've set them up and taken the high road, I guess. But I thought of how mean of her it was to just sit there and laugh at me, and remembering that Eric was a good friend, and that I wouldn't want a good friend to end up with someone like her, I said, "He's engaged."

She looked beyond disappointed. We split the check. I later fessed up to my guy friends at work that I had taken Natalie out, and that things had become a bit awkward (though I avoided particulars) and that I thought it best that we go elsewhere for our future nights out. We've been going elsewhere, ever since.


  1. "Dear diary:
    No one ever saw her or Eric again. They spent the rest of their days decomposing together in a large Hefty bag in the back of my wood shed. They seem very happy. I guess they won't be laughing anymore though.....probably for the best."

  2. You should have paid Eric to give her crabs.

  3. You cock-blocked your friend and made him escape her craziness. And that means one less story for ABCD. You're no longer welcome here.

  4. "I was pretty sure that he was single. I could've set them up and taken the high road, I guess. But I thought of how mean of her it was to just sit there and laugh at me, and remembering that Eric was a good friend, and that I wouldn't want a good friend to end up with someone like her, I said, 'He's engaged.'"

    Or did you just say that because you were angry/jealous that she wasn't in to you and you said he was engaged to be spiteful? Ah humanity.

    I'm so vituperative and pessimistic.

  5. Yup. Miguel. I'm gonna go with angry/jealous. I get it though. She was pretty horrible and self-absorbed.

  6. Does anyone else think she would've banged him for the other guy's number?

    1. No, I think the laughing went on about five minutes too long for that to have been a possibility.

  7. I think OP did pretty well. You don't agree to go on dates with people when you are only interested in their friends - thats very poor form.

  8. While its true the OP lied, this chick shouldn't have gone out on a date with him just because she liked his friend. Kudos to her though for picking up half the tab though.

  9. He thought it was a "date" and she wanted info on his friend. Its not her fault for laughing at his face for imagining a date with her. But, yes.. that hysterical laugh (I'd imagine it to be) would be the first indication of a fuse gone kaput somewhere inside that pretty head.

  10. While he acted out of jealously and spite, it was the right call. What girl does that to a guy and is that insensitive. She was literally rubbing rejection in his face two fold (laughing in his face and then asking to date his friend). Did she honestly expect him to pimp out his buddy for her. What would that say about him if he did? I mean she was treating him like a pushover. Imagine a guy did this to a girl. No one would scold her for not encouraging her female friend to date her. Similarly, if his friend did date her after what she did to him, he wouldn't be a very good friend. If she were nice or she didn't accept a "date" THEN I would be less sympathetic of OP

    1. It was not the right call. He should have taken the high road and told the truth. And then warned Eric that this girl might not be all there. No lying, all social obligations discharged.

  11. Thats a story I can relate to, since it actually happened to me as well. How I would have dealt with it today, vs when it happened is a whole lot different. The awkwardness of the moment, and the anger, I felt it all over again reading your story.

    Today, I would have stood up, and walked out immediately following the laughter. I also would have spoken to Eric in private, and told him the truth about what happened. Although, how you handled your friends was fine too. Not sure if I would have done the same thing there or not.


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