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Sorry I Asked

Story Sent in by Timothy:

Geneva stood me up on our first date without a message or call. It was strange as we had had lively conversations online and over the phone up until then. Of course I tried her phone but she didn't pick up. I left a quick message to tell her that I hoped everything was fine.

After that, I was planning to forget about her. But in response to my concern, she called me back a little after midnight:

"I'm so sorry! I was perioding and I had an issue and there was blood everywhere. Then my dog got into the bathroom and tracked my period all over the house. I'm still wiping it up and the dog wants to play and I don't want to be doing this and I have company and you're getting me stressed out..." then she broke down in tears.

I told her, "Just call me when everything is better."

No response to that. "Hello?" I asked, "Hello?"

She had hung up. And that was my night.


Menstruating tents were invented for a reason, sillies...

It's for the best, if you consider how your night was gonna end.

Perioding. I've got to try using that one.

Perioding? Seriously? That's not a verb! What is up with people butchering the English language?

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