They Make Handy Snack Pouches

Story Sent in by Ami:

I was out at a restaurant on my first date with Charlie. We had both ordered soup with our meals, and while I ate mine like a normal person, he slurped his as loudly as a motorboat.

I asked, "Would you mind not slurping?"

He put his spoon down and said, "Got a surprise for you: ever see a man in a bra?"

I froze. "No."

He lifted his t-shirt to show off a floral peach bra with an A cup. He stuck out his tongue, laughed, then put his shirt down.

He said, "I'm starting a fad!"

"Guys wearing bras?" I asked.

"Exactly! You can say you were there when it started. You chicks have been holding out on us!" He then stuck out his tongue and laughed again. He returned to slurping his soup.

"Good luck with that," I told him.

"I'm starting a website! Going global, baby!" he said.

No second date.


  1. Oh dear. He's going to be in for quite a disappointment, as male bras already exist.

  2. Thank you, gnome. I looked that up. And then I Wikiwandered to "pettycoating" (and then "birching", and back again). Now because of this male bra I understand that Victorian era literature is strange.

  3. He confuses fads with fetishes.

  4. A guy with no sense. There are special places for that

  5. "Got a surprise for you: ever see a man in a bra?"

    One of these days, he'll say this to a date, and she'll respond "Got a surprise for you: ever see a woman with a penis?" And on that day, I predict that Charlie will be cured of his defective social etiquette. ;-)

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZJ8Jxt9qrM&t=2m18s

    1. *pout* I had really hoped that that video was some Dudes in Bras Porn. :(

  7. A trend I'll NOT be keeping abreast of...


    Good response wolfie!


  8. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time.


  9. But the debate continues - should it be called a Bro or a Manzere?

    The title of this posting reminded me of a girl I knew. With a bra on she managed to look normal, but with it off she had two distinctly different sized breasts, one was about a cup and a half smaller than the other. I once asked her if she gets a bra to fit the bigger one, or the smaller one, or a middle-sized compromise, or what. She said she gets bras that fit her bigger one, because the other side always makes a good extra pocket.

  10. I know that the time is long past that anyone will read this but for the future readers who may stumble upon this I am reminded of an episode of Dharma and Greg. Of course this link will probably be dead by then so it's season 2 episode 20.

    1. I think what you meant to say was, "I know no one will have a clue who Dharma and Greg are..." ;-)

    2. Totes. Dharma and Greg are like soo 2010. Get with the program, Ipdar.


    3. I'm not sure what you did there, Ankh... Dharma and Greg has been off the air for ten years. I even had to look it up on Wikipedia.

    4. Sometimes I forget that not everyone's brain is filled with neatly filed useless television.

  11. I love Dharma and Greg! And for some reason I like the slurpy soup guy better than OP. She seems too uptight for my tastes. I would have had fun with Charlie. :)


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