Splitting It

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Story Sent in by Andrea:

Christopher and I had decent messages sent back and forth. Although in one of his later messages he closed with the line, "Do you like pieces?" At first I thought he must have meant Reese's Pieces so I wrote him back that I liked the candy, although I didn't eat it too often. I figured he would show up with a bag of candy or something similarly thoughtful.

In the cafe where we met up, he again asked me if I liked "pieces." I then asked, "Pieces as in Reese's Pieces?"

He replied, "No, as in fingers, toes, feet, hair, nails, and stuff. Pieces."

"Pieces... of people?"

He gave a very enthusiastic nod. All I could say was, "I like them intact. On a person."

He then looked really disappointed and asked me if I'd mind paying for all of our food. I told him I'd be fine splitting it. He looked really miffed at that but I stuck to my guns and we went Dutch.

As we left he said, "I guess I won't get to see your pieces, will I?"

I replied, "No. Good night!" and I hurried as fast as I could to my car and my house with doors that have locks on them.


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